How to Find Schools and Courses for CNA Education?

We mentioned the need to apply for CNA certification and where this can be done after a challenging process of education and practical training in an earlier article.

A Certified Nurse Assistant training course consists of several stages:

  • Basic Theory
  • Laboratory Experience
  • Clinical Experience
  • Practical Training

Some of these stages prepare you for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) which is a requirement for CNA certificate. A lot of people choose to take the courses required to pass the NNAAP exam, online. Many schools

How Can I Contact a State Board of Nursing?

You should contact the board of nursing in your state if you want to carry out any kind of official acts or certificate procedures. Since it is a subcategory of nursing, Certified Nursing Assistant procedures are regulated by boards of nursing as well. Instead of browsing through the internet to find the addresses of nursing boards separately, we have all the detailed addresses of the nursing boards that you may require for each state in this page for you.

Certified Nursing Assistant and Boards of Nursing

All the procedures such as renewal of CNA certificates, license inquiries or license verifications are done by state boards of nursing. In our previous article, we shared the Q&A’s regarding license procedures in a detailed manner.

Top Online Certified CNA Schools and Classes

Learning online is one of the most popular ways to learn in the 21st century. Many qualifications can be learned online these days, and that includes university; in fact, the Open University situated in UK is one of the biggest distance learning institutions on the planet. It's even possible to become a Certified Nursing Assistant online. There are a variety of online schools and classes available for this purpose, but it's important that the right schools are chosen to give students the best chance of passing their exams.

1.) Kaplan University

This university claims to be one of the champions of teaching new students and giving them the best chances of entering the profession. They are certainly not bluffing as they don't use conventional tutors to teach students from a syllabus. Instead, they utilize genuine nurses

CNA Training Programs in Maine

Below are just some of the online and conventional courses available to students in Maine. We have researched best courses for you. Average class cost in Maine is about $500 - $800.

CNA Training Programs in Maine

CNA License Questions and Answers

Those who have successfully qualified to be a Certified Nursing Assistant will have had to pass a rigorous test and a study course that takes at least 200 hours to complete. But to practice as a CNA it's necessary to have a license. If a license isn't obtained then they are operating illegally. However, obtaining and renewing a license is not a difficult process and can be done with the greatest of ease whenever needed.

How Can I Re-Certify My CNA License?

Firstly, in order to re-certify a license it's a legal requirement that the license holder must have worked as a CNA at least once in the last 24 months. If not then they will have to sit the test once again. Assuming the holder fulfills that requirement then they must follow the following steps to re-certify their license:

CNA Training and Exam Books

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is someone who takes on a very demanding role in the field of nursing. Most of their duties involve tending to residents who can't help themselves in hospitals, residential homes, and even the patient's own homes. They are also able to check vital signs and perform basic first aid. However, training to be a CNA is not easy and requires a great deal of study, and that's why it's important that the right exam books are used to provide the best chance of passing.

Being A Nursing Assistant by Francie Wolgin (9th Edition)

Being A Nursing Assistant by Francie Wolgin This book is certainly one of the most comprehensive books available as it has 800 pages of facts and procedures. Its popularity and usefulness is underpinned by the fact that this book has now reached its 9th different edition.

The instructions are extremely easy to read and follow, but they are also enhanced by the fact that Francie Wolgin provides lots of genuine case studies. Case studies are incredibly important as they enhance and teach people to apply their knowledge.

This is certainly one of the most comprehensive guides available to becoming a nurse and will be an asset to any student.

CNA Training Programs in Connecticut

In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) it's necessary to undergo the proper training. Both federal and state laws demand this of those who want to get a license to practice as a CNA. There are a variety of CNA training programs in Connecticut available, but it's important to pick the right one as every student has different preferences and needs.

Generally, learning in a classroom would cost somewhere between $500 and $1500 for tuition fees and all the materials required, however learning through an online course would cost considerably less.

Learn Online?

Whilst it's possible to learn online, it's important to note

Education Requirements to Become Licensed as a Certified Nursing Assistant

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) has to take on a role of care and trust in their work. This means they have to be able to spot any negative signs in their patients and have to be able to know what to do under intense pressure. That's why there are some minimum educational requirements required to become a licensed CNA.

Post Secondary Training Program

According to both federal and state laws, everybody who wants to become a CNA must have completed an approved post secondary training program, and this is just the start of it. This post secondary training program generally consists of many hours of both classroom work and work in a clinical setting.

Post secondary training programs are

Online CNA Training and Certification

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) has to fulfill many roles from basic care to being able to spot when something is wrong either physically or mentally with a patient. That's why it's difficult to become a CNA. But if that warning hasn't acted as a deterrent then it's important to know all about how to undergo the necessary training and certification to become a CNA.

For those people who do decide to become a CNA they will find the rewards to be worth the effort due to the fact that an aging population means that nurses are in extremely high demand these days. And this is not just a domestic thing in the US. Qualified nurses can find themselves travelling all over the world as the world has the same problem collectively.

Best Ways to Finding CNA Certification Online Programs

Learning online is something that has grown in popularity as it allows people to learn whilst leading their normal lives.

CNA Training Programs in Alaska

Because CNA employment opportunities abound in the state of Alaska there are also plenty of training programs available to interested workers. Most of the job opportunities and training resources are in Anchorage but there are others scattered around Alaska if you know where to look. CNA training in the state typically requires a combination of classroom time and practical hands-on experience. You'll require about 160 total hours split between the two.

Requirements for Entering a Training Program

In Alaska you don't need to be a high school graduate to enter a CNA training program. But you'll at least need to earn your GED or pass the ABLE test. University programs will include up to 20 additional hours of training and will be more expensive than independent programs. But regardless of

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