Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a person who is qualified to provide healthcare assistance to patients. Some of their duties include provision of bedside care and injections. For you to be a CNA in most countries in Europe, Canada and America, you have to complete a CNA program. If you wish to pursue a career in healthcare industry then this is the best place to start. If you want to increase your chances of securing a well paying job in the industry, you have to pass CNA certification exam. The exam is normally issued by CNA Certification institutions in the respective countries.

CNA certification normally constitutes two phases: the theoretical part and the hands on part. All programs offered in all colleges usually begin with the theoretical part. Theoretical knowledge is important to give the nurses knowledge on how to provide healthcare needs as well as how to handle patients. The practical part follows the theoretical part. Here nurses get a feel of how to handle equipments and patients in full healthcare facility. A hand on experience gives the nurses the confidence they need to offer quality healthcare needs to patients.

The purpose of CNA Certification is to regulate CNA training programs provided by colleges and health institutions in many countries.. Regulation of CNA certification programs is done in a bid to improve the quality of healthcare services provided in hospitals, hospices, and other healthcare institutions. Nurses are required to pass the certification test before they are given license to work in any hospital.

Not all nurses qualify for CNA certification exam. Some countries require applicants to be above the age of 16 years. Nurses are also required to successfully complete their CNA training. In addition to the above, nurses have to undergo through physical check up to verify that they do not pose any health risks to patients. For most CAN training programs, students have to complete at least 150 hours of training. Interested individuals can begin the program in high school at 15 years. The program has to be completed at the age of 16 years.

There are many institutions providing CNA certification programs in the country. Most programs are offered in community colleges, healthcare centers and adult schools. The programs equip students with skills which include long-term safety, emergency procedure, infection control, medical assistance and patients’ rights among others. Curriculums offered may not be the same for each institution. The most important thing is that knowledge is passed well and the nurses comprehend healthcare assistance. That’s not all, during the training; nurses are required to perform these tasks in a clinical setting under a supervisor.

CNA certification Center approves the provision of CNA certification programs both online and onsite. Although most colleges provide programs in a campus, some people prefer to get the knowledge through the internet. Undergoing CNA certification program is very crucial for anyone who intends to pursue a career in CNA. It is also a requirement by many health institutions in the country that nurses complete the program.