CNA Training Programs

CNA Training Programs in Maine

Below are just some of the online and conventional courses available to students in Maine. We have researched best courses for you. Average class cost in Maine is about $500 – $800. CNA Training Programs in Maine

CNA Training Programs in Connecticut

In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) it’s necessary to undergo the proper training. Both federal and state laws demand this of those who want to get a license to practice as a CNA. There are a variety of CNA training programs in Connecticut available, but it’s important to pick the right one […]

CNA Training Programs in Alaska

Because CNA employment opportunities abound in the state of Alaska there are also plenty of training programs available to interested workers. Most of the job opportunities and training resources are in Anchorage but there are others scattered around Alaska if you know where to look. CNA training in the state typically requires a combination of […]

CNA Training Programs in Delaware

For such a small state, Delaware is experiencing a huge shortage of certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and other healthcare professionals. Because of that, there are a large number of training programs available through community colleges, universities, nursing schools, hospitals, and independent organizations. A licensed CNA in Delaware with a modest level of experience can expect […]

CNA Training Programs in San Diego

CNA training in San Diego is a very similar to most other parts of the country with one major difference: the pay scale upon completion. For reasons we won’t get into here, the average pay for experienced CNAs in San Diego is almost $33,000 per year. It’s a very lucrative career opportunity for individuals who […]

CNA Training Programs in Georgia

Georgia is one state with an extremely large number of CNA training programs available; more than 280 in fact. CNAs in Georgia typically make between $22K and $28K along with fairly good benefits. They work in nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals. In order to be a licensed CNA in Georgia you will need […]

CNA Training Programs in Arizona

The need for certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in Arizona is exploding due to the fact that it is becoming a more popular retirement destination for northerners. As the state’s population increases in age, the need for well-trained medical personnel is growing along with it. CNAs in Arizona average about $2,000 in monthly salary plus benefits. […]

CNA Training Programs in California

While CNA training programs abound all over the country, states like California tend to have a higher number of opportunities because of their dense population. Where some states may only offer a few hundred locations for training, you can easily find that number in Southern California alone. In fact, one of Southern California County has […]

CNA Training Programs in New York

Certified nursing assistant training courses in New York State are plentiful and easy to find regardless of where you live. The geographical makeup of the state means that most residents are within a reasonable driving distance of at least a mid-sized city, if not a major metropolitan area. Within these cities there are plenty of […]

CNA Training Programs in Virginia

Becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA), or certified nurse’s aide as it’s sometimes known, is a fairly straightforward and non-complicated process. It usually involves nothing more than completing a state-approved certification program, gaining some hands-on experience, taking a written exam. Since the various states do have individual requirements, it’s suggested you check with your state […]