Certified Nursing Assistant Interview Questions

When looking for your first appointment as a C.N.A it would be wise to have a rough idea about some possible scenarios that could arise at interview stage. While it would be impossible to cover every eventuality, there are some questions that consistently arise time after time. Getting to know your response to these general care related questions will help carry you through most interviews.

1. Invariably you will at some point be asked something that goes along the lines of;
"Why have you decided on a career in the healthcare industry?"

There are a number of suitable responses  to this question and most of them tend to focus on the interviewee stating that they have a general interest in providing care for people. This may have arisen from a personal situation which first exposed them to the care profession or it may have been a lifelong calling.

2. Another question that could pop up is "Tell me about a time that you did more than was expected of you to complete a task in a place of work?"

Now if you have never been employed in a care role before then you are going to struggle to find something that directly relates to a situation that is relevant. What the interviewer is looking for though is an example of when you have acted selflessly in the line of duty. Always make sure you can provide them with an answer to this question and preferably you should have an anecdote available that should allow you to talk freely for a few minutes.

The reason they ask this is because often as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant you will be expected by a patient or their family to satisfy their every demand. Their constant neediness can be a little unreasonable but unfortunately you will meet people in a period of stress in their life. What is good though is that you also get to see them when the stress levels have subsided and they are incredibly grateful for your tireless efforts.

3. People are often caught out when asked "How do you feel about dealing directly with other people's feces and how would you deal with the situation with an elderly person?"

Hopefully you would already be aware that in the care of sick people you would at some point expect to deal with people who can't manage everyday tasks for themselves. This of course means the worst side of the job but it is unfortunately something that many CNAs have experienced.

If you can express some sort of empathy and demonstrate to an interviewer how you would manage a delicate situation while allowing the patient to retain as much dignity as possible then you will have answered fairly well.

CNA Interview Questions

Some questions that have been asked in the past may have had nothing to do directly with a care situation but they may be more general questions and you may not come up against all of these listed below but you should really have answers to as many as possible.

  1. Tell me about a time when you disagreed with a decision that had been made and how did you deal with that situation?
  2. When someone you work with has issues arise that makes you question their moral integrity for any reason how would you handle that and would you report it to anyone?
  3. How would you make someone feel at ease and how would you gain someone's trust?
  4. What issues could influence your ability to attend your place of work according to any schedule and has it ever had any effect on your previous roles?
  5. Can you name three things that you were not happy about during your time in your last position?
  6. Tell me how you have had to time manage your duties in a previous role and how often did you need to deviate from your plan?
  7. Tell me what you think you could bring to this position advertised?

All of these are valid interview questions and you should spend time to have answers ready for these and any more that you can think of. Remember, if you fail to prepare then you are preparing to fail so get your answers down and practice them out loud with someone or in a mirror.

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