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Those who have successfully qualified to be a Certified Nursing Assistant will have had to pass a rigorous test and a study course that takes at least 200 hours to complete. But to practice as a CNA it's necessary to have a license. If a license isn't obtained then they are operating illegally. However, obtaining and renewing a license is not a difficult process and can be done with the greatest of ease whenever needed.

How Can I Re-Certify My CNA License?

Firstly, in order to re-certify a license it's a legal requirement that the license holder must have worked as a CNA at least once in the last 24 months. If not then they will have to sit the test once again. Assuming the holder fulfills that requirement then they must follow the following steps to re-certify their license:

1. The Nurse's Aide Registry Renewal Form must be obtained and all personal information should be written down.

2. Get an employer from the past 24 months to fill out the second part of this form.

3. Sign and date the application only after the employer has completed the form. Then send it away to the relevant place for a specific state. The necessary location can be found on an individual state's board of nursing website.

4. It should take about two weeks for the renewal to be completed, and some states allow people to monitor the progress of their renewal application online.

How to Check the Status of Your CNA License?

This is simple as all it takes is a quick call to the Nurse Aide Registry for the relevant state. Then it's just a matter of asking about the status of one's license. However, it's also possible to just go to the website and check the status of one's license on there; although not all states have this facility.

How Can I Renew An Expired CNA License?

It gets quite complicated for those who have expired licenses as each state has different procedures. However, the first step is easy as it's just a matter of contacting a specific state's licensing board. After this it depends on the rules of the state and how long the license has been expired for. If a license has been expired for quite a while then the individual may be forced to retake all of their exams once again, as well as paying a pretty substantial sum to act as a fine.

How Many Years is My CNA License Valid For?

Those who possess their CNA licenses are expected to renew their licenses at least once every two years. Again, different states may have different regulations and rules, though.

How Much Does It Cost To Re-Certify My License?

This will, of course, depend entirely on the state in question, but these days it should cost between $120 and $150 on average to go through the process of re-certifying a license. But it costs even less if this process is done online through the board of nursing website for a specific state.

Do I Get My CNA License Number Online?

Yes, a CNA number can usually be found online. This is just a case of accessing the CNA registry for a certain state, entering the required personal information into the website, submitting the data, and then receiving the license number.

What Can I Do If I Lose My CNA License?

If a CNA license has been lost but the number is needed for an employer then this can usually be found online, as outlined above. However, if the license is forcibly taken away then that will depend entirely on the state and the reason for losing it. It's best to contact the individual state's board of nursing for more information on individual circumstances.

How Do I Renew My CNA License Online?

The main benefit of renewing online is that most states provide a dramatic discount on the price of renewing a license, which is because they don't have to deal with paperwork and the storing of said paperwork.

Renewing a cna license online is just a matter of going to the website of the specific state's board of nursing and then following the instructions presented there. Most websites have easy-to-follow instructions and simple guidelines for submitting their applications online. As of this writing, nearly every state has facilities for submitting applications for renewals online.

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Please I need to do a practice in nursing assistant, I have diploma but I do not have license yet.

1- What can you do for me to find a job nursing assistant without license ? I have diploma.

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