CNA Training Programs in Connecticut

In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) it's necessary to undergo the proper training. Both federal and state laws demand this of those who want to get a license to practice as a CNA. There are a variety of CNA training programs in Connecticut available, but it's important to pick the right one as every student has different preferences and needs.

Generally, learning in a classroom would cost somewhere between $500 and $1500 for tuition fees and all the materials required, however learning through an online course would cost considerably less.

Learn Online?

Whilst it's possible to learn online, it's important to note that this is not the learning style for everybody. If a potential CNA is able to study and learn independently then learning online is perfect for them, but if they find themselves lacking determination and motivation then having a physical tutor in a classroom environment would be a better option.

CNA Training Programs in Connecticut

Name: American Red Cross CNA Training Program
Address: 205 Burnside Ave.
City: East Hartford
Phone: 1 800 367 5690

Name: Avon Convalescent Home
Address: 652 West Avon Road
City: Avon
Phone: (860) 673-2521

Name: Brookfield High School Nurse Aide Training Course
Address: 500 Brookfield Street
City: Brookfield
Phone: (860) 246-8594

Name: Chesterfields Health Care Center Nurse Aide Program
Address: 132 Main Street
City: Chester
Phone: (860) 526-5363

Name: Cherry Brook Health Care Center
Address: 102 Dyer, 06022
City: Collinsville
Phone: (860) 693-7777

Name: Aaron Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation
Address: 3 S Wig Hill Rd, 06412
City: Chester
Phone: 585.377.4000

Name: Elim Park Baptist Home
Address: 140 Cook Hill Rd, 06410
City: Cheshire
Phone: (203) 272-3547

Name: Touchpoints
Address: 20 Scott Swamp Rd, 06032
City: Farmington
Phone: (860) 677-7707

Name: Groton Regency Center
Address: 1145 Poquonnock Rd 06340
City: Groton
Phone: (860) 446-9960

Name: Goodwin College Nurse Aide Training
Address: 1 Riverside Drive, 06118
City: East Hartford
Phone: (860) 528-4111

Name: Sterling Manor
Address: 870 Burnside Ave, 06108
City: East Hartford
Phone: (802) 295-9531

Name: Apple Rehab Laurel Woods
Address: 451 North High Street, CT 06512
City: East Haven
Phone: (203) 466-6850

Name: Jewish Hm for the Elderly Fair
Address: 175 Jefferson St, 06825
City: Fairfield
Phone: (203) 365-6473

Name: Marlborough Health Care Center
Address: 85 Stage Harbor Rd, 06447
City: Marlborough
Phone: (860) 295-9531

Name: The Crossings East Campus
Address: 78 Viets Street Ext, 06320
City: New London
Phone: (860) 447-1416

Name: Norwichtown Rehabilitation & Care Center
Address: 93 West Town Street, 06360
City: Norwich
Phone: (860) 889-2614

Name: Bel Air Manor
Address: 256 New Britain Avenue, CT 06111
City: Newington
Phone: (860) 666-5689

Name: Gladeview Health Care Center
Address: 60 Boston Post Road, 06475
City: Old Saybrook
Phone: (860) 388-6696

Name: The Summit
Address: 261 Summit Street, 06479
City: Plantsville
Phone: (860) 628-0364

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