CNA Training Programs in San Diego

CNA training in San Diego is a very similar to most other parts of the country with one major difference: the pay scale upon completion. For reasons we won't get into here, the average pay for experienced CNAs in San Diego is almost $33,000 per year. It's a very lucrative career opportunity for individuals who like to help people and are not afraid hard work. But in order to be a CNA in San Diego must be trained and licensed.

Different Types of Training

New CNA students in San Diego have two options for receiving their training. The first is to take a training course through an approved program at a community college, nursing school, hospital, or private healthcare organization, and generally cost between $200 and $500.

The other option for CNA training in San Diego is to volunteer to work at a nursing home or other skilled nursing facility. In exchange for your volunteer time many of these programs will provide you the necessary clinical experience and training you need to pass the state licensing exam.

Current Programs in San Diego

Because of the high demand for CNAs in San Diego, there are quite a few community colleges in the area that offer CNA training. Some of the options you might think about include Western College in Chula Vista, Grossmont College in El Cajon, and the Orange County Regional Occupational Program.

CNA Training Programs in San Diego

Name: Balboa Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Address: 3520 4th Avenue, CA 92103
City: San Diego

Name: Brighton Place
Address: 1350 Euclid Avenue, California 92105
City: San Diego

Name: Brighton Gardens Carmel Valley
Address: 13101 Hartfield Road, CA 92130
City: San Diego

Name: Casa De Las Campanas
Address: 18685 West Bernardo Drive, CA 92127
City: San Diego

Name: Children's Convalescent Hospital
Address: 8022 Birmingham Drive, CA 92123
City: San Diego

Name: Cloisters of Mission Hill
Address: 3680 Reynard Way, CA 92103
City: San Diego

Name: Care With Dignity
Address: 8060 Frost Street, California 92123
City: San Diego

Name: Children's Aveley Place Nurse Aide Course
Address: 3453 Aveley Place, California 92112
City: San Diego

Name: Evergreen Carmel Mountain Health and Rehabilitation Center
Address: 11895 Avenue of Industry, California 92128
City: San Diego

Name: La Jolla Village Towers Care Center
Address: 4171 Las Palmas Square, California 92122
City: San Diego

Name: Mission Hills Health Care Center
Address: 4033 6th Avenue, CA 92103
City: San Diego

Name: Point Loma Convalescent Nurse Aide Training
Address: 3202 Duke Street, CA 92110
City: San Diego

Name: Reo Vista Healthcare Center
Address: 6061 Banbury Street, CA 92139
City: San Diego

Name: Sharp Cabrillo Skilled Nursing Center
Address: 3475 Kenyon Street, CA 92110
City: San Diego

Name: Windsor Gardens of Golden Hill
Address: 1201 34th Street, CA 92102
City: San Diego

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How old is this list? I have called many of these places and none of them offer training anymore. Please update. Thanks.

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