CNA Training Programs in Virginia

Becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA), or certified nurse's aide as it's sometimes known, is a fairly straightforward and non-complicated process. It usually involves nothing more than completing a state-approved certification program, gaining some hands-on experience, taking a written exam. Since the various states do have individual requirements, it's suggested you check with your state nursing board regarding what would be required of you to become a CNA.

Certification Requirements in Virginia

Most independent certification programs in the state of Virginia require a minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent in order to enroll. But for nursing homes and hospitals that provide their own training, requirements may vary. Candidates who have experience as home health aides for example, may not need to fulfill the high school education requirement.

Regardless of what is required to achieve enrollment, the certification will involve a minimum of 75 hours of mandatory training plus a written test and a competency evaluation by trained professionals. The competency evaluation is not necessarily a requirement to begin working as a CNA, but it must be completed within four months of the end of the training program in order to remain certified to work. Individuals who complete both the training and evaluation programs are considered full-fledged CNAs and are included in Virginia's official nursing registry.

CNA Training Programs in Alabama

Name: Albemarle Technical Education Center Nurse Aide Training
Address: 1000 East Rio Road, Virginia 22901
City: Charlottesville

Name: Alete Home Health Solutions Nurse Aide Program
Address: 801 Court Street, Virginia 24504
City: Lynchburg

Name: Augusta Nursing and Rehabilitation Center CNA Training Course
Address: 83 Crossroads Lane, Virginia 22939
City: Fishersville

Name: Blue Ridge Job Corps Center
Address: 245 West Main Street, VA 24354
City: Marion

Name: Blue Ridge Technical School Nursing Assistant Program
Address: 280 Luray Ave., VA 22630
City: Front Royal

Name: Care Plus Nursing Services and Training Center, L.L.C.
Address: 4326 Dale Boulevard, Virginia 22193
City: Woodbridge

Name: Cedars The Nursing Assistant Training
Address: 1242 Cedars Court, 22903
City: Charlottesville

Name: Culpeper Health and Rehabilitation Center
Address: 602 Madison Road, VA 22701
City: Culpeper

Name: Fauquier High School Nurse Aide Course
Address: 705 Waterloo Road, Virginia 20186
City: Warrenton

Name: Gee's Career Training Institute CNA Program
Address: 1822 Featherstone Road, Virginia 22191
City: Woodbridge

Name: Greene County Technical Education Center Nurse Assistant Program
Address: 10415 Spotswood Trail, Virginia 22973
City: Stanardsville

Name: Kissito Health Care - Brian Center of Alleghany
Address: 100 Alleghany Regional Hospital Lane, VA 24457
City: Low Moor

Name: Louisa County High School Nurse Aide Course
Address: P.O. Box 328, Virginia 23117
City: Mineral

Name: NHC Healthcare of Bristol
Address: 245 North Street, Virginia 24201
City: Bristol

Name: Oak Springs of Warrenton
Address: 614 Hastings Lane, Virginia 20186
City: Warrenton

Name: Orange County Nursing Home and Home for Adults CNA Program
Address: 120 Dogwood Lane, Virginia 22960
City: Orange

Name:Trinity Mission of Charlottesville CNA Class
Address: 1150 Northwest Drive, VA 22901
City: Charlottesville

Name: Valley Vocational Technical Center Nurse Aide Program
Address: 49 Hornet Road, VA 22939
City: Fishersville

Name: William N. Neff Vocational Center I and II C.N.A. Class
Address: 255 Stanley Street, VA 24210
City: Abingdon

Name: Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center Training Department CNA Course
Address: P.O. Box 1500, Virginia 22939
City: Fishersville

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