How to Find Schools and Courses for CNA Education?

We mentioned the need to apply for CNA certification and where this can be done after a challenging process of education and practical training in an earlier article.

A Certified Nurse Assistant training course consists of several stages:

  • Basic Theory
  • Laboratory Experience
  • Clinical Experience
  • Practical Training

Some of these stages prepare you for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) which is a requirement for CNA certificate. A lot of people choose to take the courses required to pass the NNAAP exam, online. Many schools charge a certain fee for taking these courses while educational institutions like the Red Cross offer free CNA courses.

Going back to the main theme, there are several methods for finding schools and courses offering paid or free CNA training. First, you shall decide whether you want to take the course online or physically attend class. There are several advantages to an online CNA course, including:

» You can access the classes from your computer regardless of your state or city.
» While taking these courses, you can also attend your other jobs.
» The cost of these courses is usually lower.
» Taking the course at home can also be more convenient.

How to Find Online CNA Training Programs?

There are several ways to find the various institutions offering online CNA education. First of all, in our website, we publish articles with up to date lists of schools along with reviews. It would be to your advantage to browse our website in detail.

Let's note the largest universities in several states offering online CNA education regardless of the region where you live.

» Kaplan University
» Walden University
» Grand Canyon University
» Capella University
» Herzing University
» Colorado Technical University
» University of Phoenix

Almost all of these universities also offer physical CNA training courses. With their bachelor's degree in nursing education, these institutions can be specified as the most important CNA education institutions in the country.

You can use the sources below for finding institutions offering online CNA education besides universities.

1.) Search engines
2.) Educational portals
3.) Educational forums
4.) State Nursing Board websites
5.) Websites about CNA

Aware of the importance of distance learning, several government agencies and institutes continue to work on this topic.

How to Find CNA Training Classes?

Most of the schools, institutes, and hospitals giving physical classes make it obligatory to attend classes and they charge for the education. Some schools and institutes give CNA education for free but these institutions make it obligatory to work for them at least for a limited time when the education is complete.

To find the institutions giving free or paid education, first you will have to decide where to take the classes. Because it is obligatory to attend the classes, you must take consideration of education and accommodation accordingly.

Once you decide the state you will take the training, in our website, under the CNA Training Programs category, you can select the state and see all the institutions giving CNA education in your city. Apart from this, you can choose state and city from the website and you can find the educational institutions in your city.

After taking the education The documents necessary for taking the exam and the CNA license can be found in our website under the corresponding category. These categories are;

  • CNA License
  • CNA Exam
  • Example Exam Questions
  • Fees and Weekly Course Hours.

When choosing the program and school for CNA education, talk to the people who have been there and take their opinions and try to evaluate the quality of the school's practical and theoretical education.

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