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In the United States, a CNA stands for a Certified Nursing Assistant. There is a difference between a State Tested Nurse Aid (STNA) and a Certified Nursing Assistant. A Nurse Aid has not completed any formal studying, or taken a certification exam. Both of them assist medical staff in performing their tasks, but the CNA can perform far more duties than the STNA.

A CNA can help with bathing patients, cleaning the ward, changing bandages, basic bedside care and other certified tasks under the guiding eye of a fully qualified registered Nurse. Once the nursing assistant has completed her study course and taken the exams, and passed, only then can she use the title Certified Nursing Assistant. But she will still not be up to the standard of a qualified nurse. She might  be very experienced and be very good at what she does, but to become a qualified Nurse, they have to study further. A CNA is an entry level health care position.

Exam Help

Once you have finished your studies you are ready to take the exam, but you have to apply to take the examination. In the States, all the states have their own exam rules and regulations, however, there are all pretty similar. You can get a copy of what is called "The Candidate Handbook" online and this supplies all the information you would ever need for taking the exam, such as how to study for the exam, what the exam costs, where to write the exam, where to find sample exam questions and many more frequently asked questions (FAQ).

The exams are overseen by the National Nurse Aid Assessment Programme (NNAAP), and consist of 2 parts. One is the Written (or Oral) Examination and the other is the Skills Evaluation. Both of these have to be taken on the same day, and you have to pass within 2 years of completing your training.

Preparing for the Exam

In preparing for your examination, it is very useful to visit the National Council of State Boards of Nursing website ( for tips on how to proceed with your studying. They actually have what is referred to as ''An Item Development Program" which is where qualified nurses can contribute ideas or improvements to the exam papers currently offered. The same website has a document entitled "A Detailed Test Plan for Candidates". This is a guide for all candidates who are preparing to take the qualified Nursing examination, but a lot of the information also refers to CNA. For a bit of extra information to impress your examiners, there is no harm in reading this Test Plan.

To get back to "The Candidate Handbook" mentioned earlier, detailed information is in this booklet regarding the examination content, and there are many websites where you can download sample test papers, such as:;;;; The last two mentioned require you to buy their guide and flash cards and both include sample tests. All the American States have the same sample test papers, with one or two regional variations. And if all this fails to help you, go and buy your own sample test book from a major bookshop or education centre.

The Exam

The written exam is made up of 70 multiple choice questions, while the oral exam is a total of 60 multiple choice questions. For example, a question could be: "The client's call light should always be placed: (A) on the bed (B) within the client's reach (C) on the client's right side (D) over the side rail"

( Then at the Skills Evaluation, you will have to carry out 5 randomly selected CNA duties in 25 minutes. Everything you need to complete this will be supplied at the exam center. The exam are broken up into categories like "Client Needs" and then within that there will be two section - one on how you manage their care and one on controlling infection and precautionary guidelines. The pass rate required is very high - at least 90%.

This website gives you the free online sample tests, and samples of the Skills test in a video format. Some of the videos are entitled: Applying knee-high elastic stocking, cleaning dentures, dressing patient with an effected (weak) right arm, and so on. You get a very comprehensive idea of what is in your examination from here.

All in all the CNA exam is rather difficult, but not impossible. As with all classes followed by examinations, you should pay attention in lectures, make notes, ask questions, carry out your assignments to the best of your ability and all this will pay off when you are sitting in the exam, and you can complete the test in a comfortable, relaxed manner. This demonstrates that you have definitely done your homework, and done it well! CNA Certification center will help you about this topic.

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