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Learning online is one of the most popular ways to learn in the 21st century. Many qualifications can be learned online these days, and that includes university; in fact, the Open University situated in UK is one of the biggest distance learning institutions on the planet. It's even possible to become a Certified Nursing Assistant online. There are a variety of online schools and classes available for this purpose, but it's important that the right schools are chosen to give students the best chance of passing their exams.

1.) Kaplan University

This university claims to be one of the champions of teaching new students and giving them the best chances of entering the profession. They are certainly not bluffing as they don't use conventional tutors to teach students from a syllabus. Instead, they utilize genuine nurses who have spent many years in the profession so students will be able to learn from a variety of first-hand experiences.

The only issue with Kaplan University is that the prices are quite high when it comes to online learning. Those who are worried about the price should consider opting for a cheaper program instead. However, the university still accomplishes everything it claims to be able to do.

Programs: Master of Science in Nursing - RN-to-Master of Science in Nursing Option - Associate of Science in Nursing
Website: Go to school website
Address: 550 West Van Buren Street, 7th Floor, Chicago
Phone: 866.527.5268

2.) Keiser University

Keiser University offers courses in nursing to those who want to become even more qualified than they already are. This means that students who have never entered the profession or gained any qualifications before are excluded. Although that will be disappointing to many potential nurses, those who do qualify will be satisfied with the standard of teaching and the quality of the online courses.

Many students have reported that the only major problem with Keiser University is the finances. The financial department of the university is extremely unorganized and seems to reshuffle itself on a yearly basis. And this can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress for students as they are forced to fill out forms because someone misplaced the old ones.

Programs: Nursing, RN to BSN
Website: Go to school website
Address: 1900 W. Commercial Blvd, Suite 100, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309
Phone: 1 888 453-4737

3.) Tulsa Community College

The tutors at Tulsa Community College have been praised by students as they are certainly very knowledgeable as many of them have come straight out of the nursing profession. With many tutors possessing over 30 years of experience they know how to train and support students so they have a very good chance of passing their final exams.

As for the issues, it's to be said that enrolling and then dealing with the administrative staff can be a big hassle as many of them seem to be remarkably incompetent. One former student on a review website entitled actually went as far as to describe them as: "monkeys staring at computer screens"

Programs: Associate Degree Nursing - Advanced Placement LPN/Paramedic to RN - Certified Nursing Assistant
Website: Go to college website
Address: 909 South Boston Avenue
Phone: 918-595-7000

4.) Stratford Career Institute

Students who enroll with the Stratford Career Institute will find that they are responded to incredibly quickly as materials will usually arrive within a matter of days. Luckily, students are able to view all of their study materials before proceeding any further so they will know from the very start exactly what they are getting into. The materials are generally high quality and they teach students both efficiently and comprehensively.

However, it's recommended that additional textbooks and guides are purchased to use alongside this course due to the fact that the materials tend to provide answers without explaining them. This is only really a problem when it comes to independent assessment, but it's a serious issue when it comes to studying for the exams.

Programs: Nursing Assistant (Now Health Care Aide)
Website: Go to institute website
Address: 8675 Darnley Road, Town of Mount Royal
Phone: 1-800-254-4070

5.) Hutchinson Community College

Tutors are generally very punctual and decide strict standards when it comes to the teaching of their students online. This is a good reason to enroll with this college as tutors really encourage their students, and that's vital when it comes to online studying as it encourages dedication and self-motivation as there is some degree of accountability when studying with this college.

As a fully accredited college this is a great place to learn online as materials are high quality and students are taught how to pass the exams towards the end of the course. The only disadvantage is that some tutors are quicker than others at replying to direct emails; although this is something that can be worked around.

Programs: RN Traditional - EMT-P to RN - LPN to RN Traditional - LPN to RN Online
Website: Go to college website
Address: 1300 N Plum Street, Hutchinson, KS 67501
Phone: (620) 665-3500

A Final Word

Overall, these schools all have their advantages and disadvantages, but it's up to each individual student to decide on how much weighting they give to each point. The point is that all students should aim to enroll at accredited schools with the right facilities and which will provide them with the best chance at passing their exams.

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